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1 week ago
Photos from COLCOA French Film Festival's post

#COLCOA French Film Festival *** 6 New French films to watch in U.S. theaters during Thanksgiving break (Check you local calendar):
1 - "ATLANTICS", a drama co-written and directed by Abdou Mbow, ... See more

1 month ago

#COLCOA French Film Festival *** Coming soon to U.S. theatres: "PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE", a historical drama written and directed by Celine Sciamma, starring
Noémie Merlant, Adèle Haenel. ... See more


17,000 attendees #COLCOA 2019 including: Rosanna Arquette, Robert Pattinson, Michael Mann, Ladj Ly, Doria Tillier, Claire Burger, Mounia Meddour, Costa-Gavras, Alexis Michalik, Jeanne Herry, Pablo Pauly, Edouard Montoute, Taylor Hackford, Vincent Lacoste, Djebril Zonga, Baya Kasmi, Anastasia Mikova, Damien Bonnard, Jeremy Clapin, Charles Cohen, Academy Award winner Jean-Xavier de Lestrade,  Sylvain Orel, Nicolas Weil, Alexandre Lier, Eric Metayer, Jacqueline Bisset, Narges Rashidi, Gilles de Maistres, Cathy Verney, Gregory Montel, Raphael Thiery, Christine Gaillard, David Atrakchi, Howard A. Rodman, Helene Giraud, Thomas Szabo, Laurent Perez Del Mar, Richard Lorber, Mathieu Demy, Ludovic Bernard, Anais Tellenne, Lionel Massol, Boris Mendza, Gael Cabouat, Vanessa Djian, Xavier Gens, Dan Levy, Toufik Ayadi, Gregoire Gensollen, Amaury Chabauty, Jean-Francois Camilleri … Thank you all for sharing this new success!    

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