| 2020 – 77′ – Animation / Family –
Co-written by Valérie Magis & Jean Regnaud.
Directed by Tanguy de Kermel.
Starring Isaac Lobé-Lebel, Lior Chabbat, Jérémy Prévost, Sébastien Desjours.
Winner Young Audience Prize Festival Anima 2020.
In English.
A Blue Fox Entertainment release.|


SamSam seems like he has it all: great family, great friends, and even his own flying saucer. But he’s still trying to find one thing that will make his life even better – actual superpowers. Thanks to Mega, a mysterious new student in school, SamSam’s about to find them – and learn what it really takes to fight monsters, and how many ways there are to be a hero.

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